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I’ve spent a lot of years struggling with this one but finally read something somewhere years ago don’t ask me where, that info is long ago lost in File 13) and it made a clear and logical argument about how useless it was to fret over a lot of the day-to-day decisions that we make.

For example, does it REALLY matter what kind of toilet paper we buy? That isn’t in reference to what you said Buxom Diva but just an example of something that once plagued me, too. Toilet paper, light bulbs, brand of pencil crayons, how you should correctly place each dish in the dishwasher to get them the cleanest (should I arrange like this? or like this?

We have to learn to decide which are the decisions that are important and will affect the meaning and quality of our lives. It really doesn’t matter about simple day to day decisions. If we get the ‘wrong’ toilet paper (way too rough on our tender bits) we can just use it to swipe up bits of this and that here and there on counter tops. Wrong ‘glow’ from the light bulbs? Banish them to a closet light fixture. Hmmm, dishes didn’t come out clean because I didn’t decide on just the correct placement in the dishwasher? Throw the unclean ones right back in for another wash cycle!

When I finally gave myself permission to make mistakes in those areas I found I had a lot more free thinking time to make good, or should I say better choices about the things that DO matter. My world hasn’t come crashing down yet! I actually see it as a victory for me when I don’t get overwhelmed when I do make the wrong mistake with those simple kinds of things. Haha! Dirty dishes again? I’ll show you Cascade! You’re going to have that job all over again!!! What a release for it to be ‘its’ problem, not mine!