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Re: I don't know how I feel / indecisive

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Thanks for the replies!

@nifferka – I think I take my opinions on things too seriously at times. There are def times where I should just say I’m not totally sure and it could be okay. I will try a random pick and just go with it approach.

Like Merry Mac says it seems simple but isn’t really. That is why it gets so frustrating.

I do think that in my case being around very decisive people a lot makes me feel like I need to be that way also. When in reality I am a laid back person and could get used to taking my time making decisions instead of putting pressure on myself to know right now how I feel.

I have noticed that when I really put pressure on myself to do something mental it usually makes my brain kinda shut down. The harder I think the harder it is to think!

I am much less opinionated in general anyway. I don’t normally have strong feelings about anything. There are a few issues I do feel strongly about and I seem to feel a little over the top about them. Like litterers. I see someone throw garbage on the ground and I am absolutely furious!!!

Well that is my ramble for now :p