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Re: I just found out! At 56!

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Welcome to the group! I found out at 57! And, like you, had basically been fired from my job. I’ve left ATM cards in the machine at least 7 times. Twice someone was right behind me and was able to answer “yes” to “Do you want another transaction?” That didn’t work out well. I got to the point where I couldn’t remember if I locked my car door about 5 seconds after I locked it. I was beginning to think I was OCD because I would go back and check, then go back and check one more time. I actually thought I was early onset Alzheimers because my memory was really bad!

I had been treated for depression for about 7 years and quit taking my meds about 2 years ago (I’ve been on my ADD meds for a year now). Once my doctor figured out what was wrong – ADD, not depression – he started me on a combination of drugs. We took it slow – one drug at a time. We got my seratonin levels stablized, then we worked on norepinepherine. I was fine on 2 meds for about 6 months, then we needed to address dopamine levels. I think we finally have gotten dosages right. I think clearly, I can focus, I stay on task. I can manage my home and have a new job. My boss keeps telling me he can’t believe how organized I am. HaHaHa – that’s a new one for me!!

Keep going to the doctor – and I hope you find peace. Keep us informed on your progress! Good luck!