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Re: I just thought I was a failure!

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Well great Adam, nice to hear from you again…. I was there for a month in “64”. Loved it toured all over the Island….spent a week in London as well. I’ll never forget it, wonderful trip, I was 14. Now I’m retired I’d like to come back. My Mom (step-mom) is actually from Leeds area.

Anyway back on track….meds, Ritalin, I never got antsy with it Adam. It didn’t cause sleep problems for me either…..now that’s me. I was on 10mg. once or twice a day if I remember right…it was 10 years ago I stopped taking it…when I retired. I just this week re-did my prescription, thought I might try it again. It takes a bit to get the dosage right sometimes, so be patient…..to little… too much….but no real harmful effects while I was settling the dosage. Too little just has no effect and too much made me feel a little zoomy, for a few hours….that’s all. I didn’t grow a tail or anything…..feedback to your Dr. is key, that’s,all. It’s not rocket science, so don’t fret!!!