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MsUA, You are not alone!! Your story sounds similar to mine. I am currently only self diagnosed. I came to this realisation when a psychologist suggested testing my son for ADHD (he is my clone!). When I did some research I found I was reading about me, as well as my son. I have not had job related issues, but I am a nurse and it’s very hard to procrastinate when a patient asks to use the toilet! I think the only reason I have remained in my job so long is because it is hard to put off people’s immediate needs, so my work doesn’t suffer like it would if I was self employed. I am also not in a demanding area of nursing, so I don’t have to remember a multitude of things I have to do every shift. Most nights are pretty routine, and I do routine well. Everything else in my life (and sometimes stuff at work) gets put off for as long as possible then completed in a mad rush just before the deadline. If there is no deadline involved, I rarely get the motivation to complete anything.

I also found that having young children helped me become more organised, for a while. I tend to think it was a combination of hormones and the neediness of a baby/young child. Now my kids are older, I can deal with the various regular activities they do, thanks to FINALLY getting into the habit of using a calendar, but I find it hard to keep the house clean and keep consistent discipline, as I forget what I have said at a previous time, and this can result in me contradicting myself outright at times. Having a son just like me also means that there are two of us, in a house of four, who really don’t pull their weight. Frustration plus! Especially for my hubby. As well as lots of guilt from me.

I agree with the other posters that education is a must, as is a formal diagnosis. I go this week to get my son tested, and hope to briefly bring up my own issues at the same time to “test the waters” and see if the psychologist is open to adult testing. Fingers crossed.