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I read the title before any of the articles, msunderachiever you are not alone, people that don’t have ADD don’t understand. I’ve learned though experience that your just wasting your time trying to talk to closed minded people that just think you should “snap out of it”!!

I agree with many people here, go get an official diagnosis and get on some meds….I know the lost feeling, for the last 15 years I’ve been on so many meds for bipolar, borderline personality disorder and depression, none of them helped me, it just keep ed me in a fog and not able to function for years. I just started meds, my life has changed dramatically!! You sound a lot like me at times, I would go whole hog at some thing and all the sudden just stop. When ever it was that I was doing just dropped, or I would do this for this one, and that for that one, then I would make plans to do the same next week, by the time next week rolled around I had crashed and couldn’t go though with the commitment I had made.

Meds would make all the difference in the world for you, take a deep breath and make a Dr.appointment, get a referral to a psychiatrist, and relax! Things will turn around for you, never mind talking to closed minded people about ADD/ADHD, just listen to the specialist, do what’s best for you.