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Re: I now “Know” what I've always suspected

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Me, too, always suspected ADD in addition to Aspergers (what a combo) I just learned about this wonderful website watching the public education channel in my area and said to myself out loud “Oh, my god, that’s ME!” I always felt I was just weird as a child and adult. Now, I now why! I feel I’m too old for a diagnosis to do much good now, except for my own verification. My family will all just say, “oh, there’s nothing wrong with you!” I think one reason family members are in denial is because they subconsciously feel that a acknowledging a cognitive disability in another family member is somehow a reflection on them or that they may somehow “catch” it themselves. Being a retired civil service worker, artist & Buddhist practitioner, I’ve made a decision that I will use natural methods and walking meditation to learn to focus myself. Good luck on your journey! We are really lucky, I think, because we CAN do so many things due to our ability to shift our attention so quickly when we learn to focus!