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Re: I now “Know” what I've always suspected

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After watching the ADD PBS Special this moning, I realized what I have known for quite some time, that I have ADD. I have been to see several mental health counselors, but never got to a clear diagnosis other then having depression. Now I am Fifty and trying to find out who I am and why I act the way I act. I am always thinking of ways to stop thinking so much. I want to stop my brain and have been considering suicide. I don’t want to leave my life but I am struggling in so many areas of my life, why should it matter to be here. I don’t know how to stop things that happen in my brain. Things I want to stop most are, procrastination, being reliable, being severely impulsive with money, being too thin skinned, being a failure with my work, and my relationship with my spouse, having so many projects, boredom, and much more. I need to talk to someone and I’m very open to medication. I am in the Tampa area and want to know if there is anyone seeing any professionals that they are having sucess with. I want to lick this moment in my life before it lics me. I have told my husband about my thoughts and hey are watching me for any strange self injurous behavior.

Thank you to all the postings, comments and this website. It has helped already to know that I can come to a palce to rest my brain if just for a moment.