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Re: I now “Know” what I've always suspected

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Just recently I have been going to psychologist & then saw Rick Green on Province Wide. I immediately went online to the website and after a life of this condition I feel some hope. I dont ask myself “Why do I do this to myself?!” I ask “What’s their phone number?”

I can’t believe this is actually looking hopeful. I could never understand why others didn’t experience what I have. This is really too overwhelming! Not being able to sit and study, not having done my taxes for 6 years, I got demoting once because I didnt do my expenses for 6 months (actually I never did them where ever I was), interupting my wife when she’s teling me an about her day, I didnt read an email from my boss completely and almost missed an national sales meeting (a co-worker called me from the bar and asked me if I wanted to meet after checking in at the hotel: I threw clothes together and drove like a mad man for 3 hours), I can’t stand in a line for anything, on and on and on these behavioral signatures go. I cant believe there is something out there to help, I really can’t. Deep down, I always thought I was a fraud, a screw up. Yet I am now a professional trainer, techy guy, with my own company and have been recognized by my peers as a top tech in my field. It is all really too much for me to take in right now!