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Re: I remember that smell !

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I’m the same way. I thought it was normal. I’ll always remember what Katie Warner’s basement smelled like in the late 1960″s or Alice Goodman’s father (don’t get the wrong idea, nothing traumatic happened, just his brand of cigarettes, wool coat, & probably aftershave), also the studio where I took dance class, in fact, most of the 1960’s are coded in smells for me…that was when I was a kid. I remember what happened when I was very very small by whether life was in Spanish or English (we came from Chile). I think I stopped doing that probably in the mid-1970’s when I started high school…no, I guess I still get reminded of someone by a perfume or sometimes a really familiar smell that I just can’t place, a mix of things, like the beach (sea, coconut, sweat, rotting seaweed) or camping (wood smoke, trees) or Brussles or…