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Re: I was just told that Adult ADHD didn't Exist….

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My doc wouldn’t diagnose or prescribe meds and she freaked when I said I’d taken my husband’s meds. But she’ll accept a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

My brother’s son has ADD (formal diagnosis) but didn’t like being on the meds and stopped taking them. When I asked my brother this week if he had any symptoms, he said my sister-in-law says he does, but he’s not bothered by them. He also said “I think doctors these days diagnose almost everybody with ADD.” Boy, talk about supportive for his son, eh?

I am also seeing a psychologist (for meditation training, but we also work on personal material). We recognize I have issues with time management (self-employed) and although business was a bit slow lately, it was sure to ramp up again and I’d be in trouble again with being unable to sustain productive work for any reasonable period of time – the workday goes from morning to night because I’m always catching up.

So he told me to try to work one hour without answering the phone or checking email, take five minutes off, work another hour (no phone or email), take five minutes off, etc. Unmedicated, I couldn’t do it. I’d try, but something would come up or I’d forget to set an alarm, or the alarm would be in the other room and I couldn’t hear it, etc etc etc. When I went back to see him last week and told him I’d had trouble even doing that, he said “you didn’t want to”. *&$%()$%^&^&^%#$%#^$%#^$

Since I got a diagnosis this week, and I’m testing meds, I am hoping things will improve. I know I have to work at it, that meds are not the magic bullet, but I’m still ticked off that my therapist would say that. It totally deflated me.