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Re: I was just told that Adult ADHD didn't Exist….

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Since I’m down in Toronto I can’t give you any specific names but I do have a daughter teaching out there in Calgary. She mentioned that some of her students had been involved in an inpatient program (for behaviour issues) at the children’s hospital in the city. Sorry, she didn’t mention the hospital’s name when she was chatting with me but if they have that type of inpatient clinic for dealing with children’s psychiatric issue they must have follow up resources for teens/young adults.

If you call and inquire, someone there can may be able to head you in the right direction. They probably know or have the names of clinics in the city that deal with adult ADHD. I’m sure they won’t recommend specific names of doctors but they should be able to get you headed in the right direction.

Sorry to hear you’re dealing with almost the same issue that I had here. When the psychiatrist brushed me off, I was doubly offended when the family physician back-tracked and did the same thing, adding insult to injury by threatening to have me forcibly commited to the pysch ward if I ever brought the subject up again. Grrr! Since I’m known as quiet and mild mannered by all my friends and co-workers, I was even more offended by her words.

So what’s a girl to do? Google one! One ‘google’ led to another ‘google’ and before you know it, I had found a local support group here in TO. By reading through some of the members’ posts online, I soon had noticed a couple of names for adult ADHD doctors had popped up in their conversations amongst one another. I promptly googled the names I noticed and after phone calls to both of them, I was on my way! I settled on one of them and can now say I have been living the life of a new woman!

I started meds and could actually begin implementing some of the organizational skills that I’ve always known about but was just unable to properly get started. I had tried, tried, and tried but it wasn’t until meds that everything finally started to fall into place! Life isn’t perfect yet but I’m old enough to understand that there is no perfect in life, ever. Not for anyone.

Life will always have its ups and down but our part is just learning to play the game and to enjoy the ride.

BTW, our dear Dr. Jain (who does lurk around here) spoke at a meeting the other day and hammered home the message to us again that meds are the answer to all our problems. Learning to live with ADHD is all about life-style and good health habits. The meds certainly help some of us to get focussed enough to even get started on learning those habits.