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I just read you post and it sounds just like me (right down to the ‘one on the way’!) I’M in BC on Vancouver Island. To shorten the story, I did the leg work phoning around different psychiatrists offices, but no real joy finding someone who sees adults with ADD. Then I visited a forum like this and asked around until one name came up several times. I phoned him up and caught him in his office! I had already done some assessments with a counselor and had read ‘delivered from distraction’ (written like it was my biography). So when I went into my doctors and asked for a referral I made sure I was well informed and heard. I did all his assessments and sure enough came out ADHD ‘combined type’ with co-existing depression and anxiety. I am now at the stage of trialing meds … which help.

That does not help you find the right person in Edmonton, but I guess my message is don’t give up the search for good help…its not necessarily immediately obvious where to turn, but it exists.