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When I was diagnosed almost 40 years ago they called it “Hyper Kinetic” then it was shortened down to Hyper then it became Attention Deficit and at that time there was Hyper and Underactive. All names for the same thing that is now called ADHD. The definitions may have changed along with the name and now they are recognizing different behaviour sets all fall into the same category. Kids like me talked and acted out too much. But the daydreamers also had a hard time paying attention to task just like me, they just sat quietly at a desk and fell through the cracks and are only now being diagnosed.

As for the article they say most grow out of it but still 4 percent of the population continue to suffer with this as adults. Well the statistics I have seen is that between 5 and 10 percent of children present with this condition. If you go with the higher statistic then roughly half that were diagnosed as children will outgrow it and if you go with the lower then only about 20 percent will outgrow it. That is not to mention all the children who are not recognized as suffering from ADHD as children and only when they have more responsibilities do they start to flounder and flail.

Medication is another issue altogether. Some people will benefit and others will not. Because it is a dynamic neurological condition no two cases present identically. And Dr.s who are not themselves experts should not be offering advice in this context. A psychiatrist often specializes that does not make them an expert on every illness. The “normal” box may be shrinking but that is only because Dr’s are now starting to really examine the brain and they see that there is more going on up there then they previously appreciated. If Dr’s don’t medicate a lot of suffering people start to use substitutes like drugs and alcohol to help them get through the day.