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Re: In the news: “Five Surprising Causes of ADHD”

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oh . . . uh . . . sleep? I used to have problems sleeping or at least falling asleep. Now, in the evening, I’ll watch tv or more likely get on the internet and drink iced tea until 12-1 am. When I feel my brain start to shut down from the marathon it has been running all day, then into bed and I am asleep in minutes. Sometimes I’ll wake at 3 or 4 and can tell I’ll have trouble getting back to sleep. If so, I’ll put on an old Sherlock Holmes movie with Basil Rathbone and a timer to shut off the tv when it finishes. That works well too.

On the down side, I usually wake up feeling hung over and in a fog for about the first hour. That’s when I autopilot through my morning routine . . . or . . . go back to sleep.

So anyway, what works for me is caffine and mental activity. I hear that for some, it’s a shot of Adderall to do the trick.