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Re: Inconsistent Performance…a major roadblock

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My inconsistency strikes again! It’s been a month since I checked in this thread, shame on me!

To force myself to be more comfortable with cold calling (and for the extra income) I recently started a part time phone sales/lead generation job. What I’ve realized is that it has less to do with my fear of rejection and more to do with the fact that over the phone I can’t read body language in order to gauge the other person’s thoughts/feelings. I think because it’s hard for me to pay attention when others are talking I picked up the ability to follow a conversation by reading non-verbal communication. It’s actually a topic I teach in my trainings. I love to read scientific research on body language/non-verbal communication, it’s fascinating! Amazing that it took a part time job to show me why I hate talking on the phone so much. I can’t SEE the person so I can’t tell whether they’re buying what I’m saying or not. Boy…this ADHD is certainly a journey isn’t it?!?

Unfortunately this realization does nothing to battle my issues with inconsistent performance, that’s still a work in progress.

No_dopamine – I’m located in Chicago but I’m in the process of converting my trainings into webinars and an online community. I’ll keep you posted!

TheGameGuy – outsourcing would be awesome, just need to the money to do it.