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“ADD and its effects on Marriage” was the one book that hit home, I realized that both of us probably had it and that we were headed down a slippery slope if we continued undiagnosed and untreated.

I have read so many organizing books over the years that they don’t really resonate anymore with me. The only thing that’s working for me right now is to have a SHORT list of what I need to do, and to do only one thing on the list, nothing else, until that thing is done (mostly relates to commitments at work, but it is also useful at home). If I don’t do that, I’ll pick and choose and embellish and embroider the task and get nothing done that should be done, fall behind, and really be in trouble. It’s so boring to do the one thing that’s next on the task, but that’s how I am coping at the moment. I read the one Scattybird mentioned and it was good, but I have trouble implementing anything. No wonder I was such a lousy manager/supervisor. I cannot walk the talk.

Having said that “Getting Things Done” by Dave Allen is a good book too. I tried that for awhile, he has a flowchart for paperwork or emails that has you go through a simple decision process to decide what to do with it if it’s something that takes longer than 2 minutes. The problem is he advocates hanging on to stuff, which is a problem for us, everything goes into the someday/maybe pile and nothing goes into the trash pile!