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Re: Integrated Listening Systems – Dr Hallowell

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Patte Rosebank
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Unfortunately, all of the evidence supporting ILS is anecdotal, like yours. People who have found that it works for them, and are telling others about it.

However, there is no actual scientific evidence—involving double-blind, clinical studies with quantifiable and repeatable results—to prove it.

Maybe the success you’ve had is due not so much to the ILS, but to all the extra time you’re spending with your son. Children respond extremely well to one-on-one time with a parent who makes it clear that the one thing they want most of all is to spend that time with their child.

The conclusion remains the same. ILS is extremely expensive, and, until there is actual scientific proof that it is effective, people should not put their time, money, and HOPE into such an unproven “treatment”.