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Re: Is it common to grow tolerance? Afraid of long-term high dose use

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i’ve seen those bags before. i was tempted, but i figured that i would forget to use it. =P something to think about.

sounds like you need more modafil. narcolepsy is serious sh(* so that warrants as much as you need!

what are you going to do???? no computer or reading?? oh man. i would pace and house in confusion. so so many bad habits. but as you say.. it is truly not worth it. I am so overwhelmed to the point in which I feel impaired. some of it is ADHD, but not all of it. and I’m sure that I could get better mood control with better sleep. My mood control is actually rather good for having bipolar disorder (i have overcome a lot and have been extremely vigilant and consistent about my treatment). sleep has always been my one deficiency. the stress of feeling overwhelmed with life management is another. no matter how stable I am, i always feel like I am holding onto functional by a few threads (ADHD, anxiety). and wasting boat loads of time which makes me feel bad (ADHD).

some improvement with the dex. and my skin is clearing up. weird that i got more acne with vyvanse.. or maybe was the season? oh man..who knows, right? the upped sleep meds were helpful last night and I got better sleep. i was still up a few times tossing and turning, but i feel like it was enough. I am still waiting for some deliciously amazing sleep…oh man…. i almost got that sun night, but was interrupted by work (nearly total sleep deprivation for two days, driving, and hiking). focus is noticeably better with good sleep. if I could get the ADHD under control, i can time manage well enough to do all these little things i like to do on the computer at more healthy times. can’t get it control until i control my sleep………..

my doc gave me lorazepam to take a few hours before i want to sleep to chill me out and induce me to want to go to sleep. worked well last night and i was in bed by 1am (which is awesome for not having to get up early the next morning).

twilight. maybe get a second opinion? have you ever had a EEG? maybe you are having absence seizures? muscle jerks could be tics? depends on what they are like. you at least need someone who is going to listen and at minimum explain to you why he/she came to such conclusion. do you get tutoring? many many people with ADHD also have some learning disabilities like dyslexia etc.