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Re: Is modern life and work just too complex to keep up with?

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Most management are told to craft a nearly impossible task for employees so that they “stretch” to meet them. If your co-workers are able to cope with what you are doing in 11 in the usual 8 then see if you can ask management to allow you to job shadow another fellow employee that does the same job in this short period of time. But honestly your time management skills may not suck as much as you think they do. And a lot of organizations actually pit employees against each other to foster competition to allow you to do more (or at least fake it better).

But a lot of office environments can become pretty toxic. They are cliquey and they usually scapegoat one person. Wolves go after one lame lamb. A lot of fellow employees often go along with the office bully for fear of being the next target. You don’t have to have ADHD to have a lot of the problems you describe but it certainly sounds like you do. If medications help you just have to ask someone you trust to watch and make sure that you are not using these as a “drug” and are actually medicating the problem. A lot of non drug addicts find that they get more accomplished when they take Ritalin and other stimulant medications. Because unlike an ADHD brain that is soothed by the stimulant their brain is sped up.

Chronic stress can also lead to a lot of the problems that you see at work and home. If you can try to hire out a lot of the tasks that happen around the home. 11 hours plus commute time is a long enough day without then having to go home and add another few for shopping, cooking, cleaning ect. And unless the fate of the world is on your shoulders and the power company will fail to deliver electricity if you do not do a full 11 hours while being paid for 8 try to stop after 8. YOU are contributing to the problems in the office by trying to be Superhero. Most likely if you are having this many problems there are a few more at work that are also failing to keep up. If not then again ask your boss about that job shadowing. There are only so many hours that you can put into the office before your body finally rebels and everything just stops.