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Re: Is modern life and work just too complex to keep up with?

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I read your post and instantly went back to before I was diagnosed. We also ‘just get by’ and we feel like we’re doing enough, but we’re exhausted. We’re irritable because of the stress of trying to get things done, but just not being able to, and we second guess everything. You ‘got through’ 27 years, but you could be more successful, and that’s not because you are lazy, or my mom’s favorite phrase “half assing” it. It’s because you have a very real issue. It’s like with anything, that first step is saying that there is a problem, even if you don’t truly believe it’s ADD, you know that you can no longer keep up. If you were thrown from a boat and you couldn’t swim, would you just say “Well, I take baths a lot so I should be okay here in the ocean?” Or would you yell and scream for someone to throw you a raft. Get that raft sugargremlin.

The way that my doc explained it to me is that adults with ADD, AD/HD do well until we don’t. We ‘survive’ because we’ve learned to train ourselves to hide our problems because we’ve been criticized for our behavior, or we’re ashamed. Most of us are very intelligent people and therefore, we’re ‘too smart’ to have the problems that we do. Sooner or later, we hit a wall and it all comes crashing down, be it losing a job, losing a relationship, or other devastating life issues that we felt we had absolutely no control over. I call it losing your fence, and when we don’t have boundaries, no matter how crazy our lives already out, we’re floating.

Get help, talk to a professional, take the tests, and go from there. You don’t know til you know and finding out can be the most liberating, scariest thing ever, but you have a starting point, you can start to fix things. You CAN repair what is broken, just don’t wait for so long that the list of things that you have to fix seems overwhelming. We all started somewhere and as varied as our lives and experiences are, we can tell you that getting through that first step, getting the diagnosis, is tough, but man, does it help to see the next steps more clearly.