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Re: Isn't it just an umbrella term for lazy?

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Rick Green – Founder of TotallyADD
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The amount of ignorance is incredible! The smug dismissal, and “I know better”, and “In my day we got a good smack and I turned out just fine.”

And I want to say, “No, you turned out to be a friendless, lonely, dead soul, and a sad, close-minded, shut down, deliberately cruel and smug person who has no idea what they look like, no idea why they have lost their joy for life, no idea how hurtful they are, no idea how much of a bully they have become to protect their fragile ego.”

But I don’t say that. Cause it makes no difference. Here’s the thing, folks, and I hate to say it, but there are people you have to cut out of your life until you are ready to handle them. They may be people in your family, or friends, or whatever. But they will vomit their garbage on you and claim they’re helping to get you motivated and get over it and get on with life. And what they’re doing is just taking their own hate, guilt, and shame and passing it on.

I have a few friends who are awesome, generous, wonderful people. Everyone loves them. And they have never, ever dismissed my ADHD. Those are the people you want around you. And that is the kind of person I am striving to become. Which is why I don’t say what I want to say to people who dismiss ADHD.

With love,