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Oh yea, this is what I wanted to say… I’m 47. I’ve known for years I had add, never did anything about it. Buried it, like my first marriage. I remarried…Been through countless jobs, changed careers. Was diagnosed with Kleinfelters (1980) and have been dealing with that. Parents at wits end. I put my parents through grief beyond grief. My head is spinning, how do I put down everything Im feeling inside my head? I’m a mess.

I never knew there was anything like this until a client confided in me HE had ADD. I was almost in tears hearing him tell his story. His life experiences, were identical to mine. I’ve been labeled a loser, lazy, mental case. When I was a kid, well I still am, sort-of, psychologists labeled me difficult to handle when the ink-blot i was given to look at looked like an ink-blot. Should I have said a butterfly? An elephant? Anyway, just the other day, I told my wife I found a support group for ADD….. well, she basically said….. “yea OK, u have add now -ok. Try, lazy stubborn lazy ass.”

Is this the right forum for this?