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Hey Mannyc79,

I just want to add that there may be things you fail at, or really struggle with, or whatever, but one solution is to not do those tings. Hire someone else to do your accounts. Or whatever it is you hate doing or just don’t do well. Richard Branson, the multi-multi-millionaire speaks openly about the fact that he is terrible with numbers. Completely awful. Basically he’s dyslexic not just with words but numbers. He has someone else do that. Someone who loves adding up numbers. And why should a guy who can spin off one successful enterprise a month, and provide work for thousands of people, be wasting time adding numbers, right?

I know when you’ve failed a lot it’s hard to trust yourself and therefore hard to trust others. But there are reliable people out there.

The other thing I believe, or rather know from first hand experience, is that ‘failure’ is a really relative term. Whatever it is you can’t do, it’s probably a task or a job or a skill that’s been made up anyway. I mean, to be a bit facetious, Stephen Hawking is a complete failure at the Olympic High Jump. And the Track and Field. And Rowing. And Ice Hockey. I could list a thousand things he can’t do, all kinds of stuff he’d screw up, or fail at… Is he a failure? Should he feel bad about himself?

When I finally got that who I am matters. And who everyone is matters. And the best thing my kids can do is follow their bliss and do what they do well, and same for me, then I stopped feeling guilty or ashamed about my ‘failures.’

The fact that you’ve shared your fears with us here, hey, I acknowledge that. You’ve contributed to my life, to Fearwidg, and to everyone else who has read what your posting. And that ripple effect goes outward. Someone said that there is no such thing as a ‘small’ good deed. The ripples from the simplest action, whether it’s holding a door and smiling, or sharing a story on a blog, will ripple outwards in ways you can never imagine. How many people who are on the fence about getting diagnosed, are going to read your posting and go get checked… You don’t know. You may never know. That’s okay. Just know it’s beyond what you can imagine.