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Re: I've achieved great succes in my career, but have also been fired over 10 times!

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Hi again WT. I started my career as a job I guess. Bottom rung of the ladder, I guess I liked the work once I got going. It was physical at the start and I was young. I found as I progressed up the food chain the work became more challenging and I enjoyed my success. So to answer your question….I was glad to start an occupation in a place where there was room to advance and many different departments and therefore aspects of the industry to move into and thru. It wasn’t a passion.

I was fortunate in many ways. I was able to move every two to three years in a lateral ( gaining knowledge and experience) or upward to greater responsibility and $$$$. I was able to capitalize on my (as you said) roller-coaster height success and bid out to a new or better position when my value was peaking!!! To make a long story….shorter. It was the depth and breadth of the company and the opportunity to move around that I was able to take advantage of. An environment to consider maybe???

I never had to sit and get stale. I think we (ADDers) are best suited to those environments maybe….we have a chance to avoid those very pitfalls you mentioned.

I also job picked along the way……..I observed problems along the way so, when an opportunity came to move into a administrative support type role I took it…natural fit right. Had the business knowledge and the issues knowledge… it was a match. Also no fear helps. I moved through various departments doing those types of administrative things and learning the business of the business. Eventually I ended up in a management position and in Corporate Council as a Policy Analyst. So when it came to… hey…. we need to change the business I knew how the business ran from inside and out and what was the problems where and how I would fix them. Natural fit again…right. Everybody was scared shitless about taking the job..but me. Woohooo…..fearless ADDers!! I thought it looked exciting. No footprints to follow, nobody had a clue how to do it or make it work….perfect!!!! I had always bailed at the top of my game (key learning)…..sometimes it was close but…. like I said, a little luck and a lot of hard work…..and there you have it.

It really comes down to knowing the business your in….knowing and exploiting your strengths and what you can do for that business……and getting out and moving on at the top of your game. Selling high as it were.

I you find yourself a little chaotic in nature……tools you might consider are a “Project Management” course(s). I found PM to be a most useful tool. It is actually just an organization process, and a great one. It is step by step organizational tool, fool proof. I could run with 10>20 people right under me who had the same number under them each all going in one direction (mine), all meeting project deadlines and goals (mine). I’m not real smart, I can’t balance my bank book….never have, but certain things seem to work for me (vision/direction/ the elements of implementation) and work real well , things I seem to be able to excel at. Oh ya..PM works as a great tool for folks work all alone too!!!

So that’s the long and short of it. mostly the llllooonnnng……sorry. Hope that helps. If your looking for more just holler…always here.