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Re: Just diagnosed

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When I received my diagnosis I felt a sense of relief (not to say any of your emotional responses have been incorrect). My relief stemmed from finally getting confirmation that there was something very ‘different’ about how my brain was working in relationship to how others’ brains were functioning. You know, those looks from others with the raised eyebrow, mystified stares or look of wonderment when I’d wander way, way off-topic in the midst of some professional discussion. 😳

Whatever was going on? My head was so different than everyone else! Well, turns out there was a real reason for all of it!

My brain wasn’t ‘wrong’ in how it did things, it just goes about doing it in a differently. I knew I had ‘brain smarts’ but for some reason or other, I always took the most round-about way to get to a solution or the ‘finish line’ that friends and co-workers reached in a direct route- what seemed like seconds to me.

Knowing there were actual reasons for all the other things I struggled with (the list is way too long for here!) gave me permission to forgive myself for the mental beatings I gave myself.

I am just ‘me’ and I’m perfect as I am. Sure, I get from Point A to Point B in my job by taking all the circuitous routes and it takes me hours longer to get it all done.

The good thing about a diagnosis? Knowing the source of my detours/potholes has given me the power to adjust or make changes to help myself avoid them.

No, I’m not always successful but I know that even those we deem to have reached ‘the top’ still sometimes arrive at work wearing two different shoes. No one is perfect.

Your diagnosis has given you permission to take flight and to enjoy life. Congratulations!