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IMO there isn’t a valid diagnostic test that proves ADHD.

You need to rule out things that can be proven or dis-proven first, then test based on what’s known.

I guess in my journey towards a solid diagnosis – I learned there’s no such thing as a “solid” diagnosis or a test that can prove it. They must disprove all else, then indicate that it’s ADHD based on showing it’s not something else, and the final test shows strong indicators along with other pointers.

Example – in my case, it’s been since early grade school. I can show the report cards – my mother saved them ALL.

I can show heredity – back to my grandfather, mother, and even down to my youngest son. There’s a solid chain there. So the indicators from other tests would combine with all the other evidence……………

I took so many tests, blood and otherwise, including 4 hours of psych exams and multiple interviews, they concluded – however, the statement that there’s not a diagnostic test is IMO factually correct.

Every single symptom I have, ALL of them, can be caused by other things, and generally are. Just in my case, they are not, and things add up.

sort of like a jury trial and conviction… did you see the person with the gun actually point and shoot and watch the victim die?

Were you there to see it? Was anyone? Or did we prove it was the defendant based on ruling out all other possibilities?

(and once in a while, even that is wrong)