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Re: Just Started Adderall IR (generic). Got questions… cant find straight answers

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Well… Im on my third day on Adderall IR. I took it on Friday and Saturday, days I had to work, then took myself off it for Sunday and Monday, My days off. I took it at 9:23 CST its not 10:12 CST and Im starting to get the effects now. I do like that my legs are not jumpping all over the place while I am sitting here.

I talked with one of my Dr. friends this weekend and she told me the effects should last 6-8 hours. Its hard to say when it starts and stops but I would like to get it to where I am taking the meds in enough time for them to help me when Im at work from 4p-12a to maxamize the usage for work but still allow me to go to sleep when I get home at 12:30a-1a.

I also really have enjoyed the fact that it has curbed some of the Hypersensitive emotions that I have had in the past, long story, but I am able to control what I think about when I get those emotions and stay calm instid of seeing the issues I have building on one another. I dont get the anger and rage that sometimes comes with thinking about certian things or people, which I did when I was off the meds this weekend. Is being able to control emotions part of the effects? Cant help it… Im a sensitive person and always have been. My story is long and drawn out mostly because I have always been hypersensitive which has cost me some friends. I wish Rick would do a video about that. It really seemed at times I was at a point where I would have an entrie relationship with someone within a few min. I always had this NEED to be needed. A WANT to be loved which set me up for instant let down when the feelings were not reciprectated. My depressioin was so bad that I would find myself concentrating on and contemplatinig suicide. I would return to my “dark area” and have found that there are times and situations where it was becoming real to me. I would even start making a plan for it. Which scares tthe crap out of me…. I know that the forums are not therapy and I hope I have not gone too far by posting this here. I still need to talk about those issues so that I can learn new ways of taking care of myself when I start thinking like that.

Now that Im on the meds I need to start working on a program to get myself on track. I have suuch a long list of things that need fixing and doing that I dont really know where to start or how to start. Now that I can gett clear I look around going “crap… so much to do, so little time.” and still I feel I dont know what is the most important thing to start with or how to start to get orginized. Still a little overwhelmed. I got the book that was suggested on this site for my nook and am reading it. So far they have just gone over the things about ADD and how it works… damn.. Im rambling… but thats the sort of thing Im talking about… I need to stop rambling and start moving to get my life straight. Anyone know what I am talking about… what is working for you?

BTW like your Nick as well :) My dad was a photographer, I grew up with it and went to school for it myself…. I dont, or havent really used the degree other than to shoot stuff for myself.