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Re: Just starting Adderall XR and questions……..

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I, too, have just started the generic Adderall XR (for which the pharmacy charged me the Adderall price). And those of you in your forties should feel young as I’m in my late 60s. I did “barely adequate” as a teacher with organizing, planning lessons that “fit” in the time allotted, remembering recess, etc. Once I retired, things changed. I had more time for hobbies. And then one of our children died at the age of 28 and I REALLY started going downhill with organizing, planning, procrastinating, and losing all motivation to keep up. Partly, I rationalized that I’d suffered enough with my son dying and why should I make myself do anything I didn’t want to? WEll, of course this was a terrible idea.

But on to the meds. I was diagnosed in December, took til midJanuary to find a “specialist” that would prescribe–turned out to be a nurse with psychiatric training who looked as if she thought I was crazy to seek a diagnosis and meds now. She told me that, at my age, I’d better be careful about blood pressure or I could have a stroke. She put me on Ritalin 10mcg, but all I noticed was a headache sometimes and a pretty good crash sometimes when it wore off. And I rarely took the two a day, because I’d either forget or not be home to take it.

So my family doc put me on the generic Adderall XR and I’ve been on it two days now. The first day, I noticed a small headache, much like the Ritalin gave me, but today my stomach is bothering me a lot. I have Gerd anyway, and my ins. stopped covering Protonix, which I’ve been on for about 11 years, and I had to switch to an OTC (omeprozole) which I don’t think works as well.

So far, I’ve watched carefully but not seen any good effects from this generic Adderall. So I guess I have several questions:

1. Maybe I should have stayed with the Ritalin but a higher dose? What IS the usual dose given?

2. How long should I expect this side effect of stomach pain to last? Forever, or will it subside soon?

I, too, expected I would be transformed with the Ritalin and start sorting my “stuff,” organizing and putting stuff away, and that my house would be shipshape in no time. Big disappointment. As I said, I was on the Ritalin for a month, and even on the days when I took the two tablets (usually one at nine and one at three -IF I remembered), I didn’t notice any effect from it that I could see.

This is a long process and you know how ADHD people are about waiting!! But I’m hoping the heartburn and stomach pain I had today will NOT be with me tomorrow, as I don’t like feeling like this.