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Hi everyone, I was hoping that I could have a few suggestions. I have been really good at controlling a lot of my symptoms lately; however, money management has been very difficult. I find that I can’t seem to budget. I’m better but it seems that I save then it’s gone and I don’t have anything to show for it. It really brings me down and intensifies my symptons. I feel like i’ve failed and really I’m a very optimistic person; however, when I do something dumb with my money i’m not very optimistic. Boy do I have a lot of negative self talk…so I’ve been able to subdue the negative self talk but it doesn’t change that I don’t have anything in my account. I’ve asked my husband for help and he is understanding, but that again will only last so long because. Does anyone have the same issue? Feel good about yourself your controlling the symptoms then boom bad MONEY management brings you right back to where you don’t want to be. Let me know what you do, or site or book or something…download budget etc…I’m pretty open and feeling frustrated with this portion in my life.