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Wow, great support! There are no quick fixes and lifestyle changes are the key which often includes meds to make it happen. This is a highly treatable condition. Here is an easy start- think about your strengths and know that the treatment agenda is to make these abilities stronger. Now think about your weakness and hey, we all have many. Try not to let yourself get overwhelmed by them. Treatment is designed to help you soften the weaknesses. But the key message in the world of ADHD is that your focus, pardon the pun, is often more on your weaknesses rather than your strengths. That is what has to change! That is really what treatment is all about. ADDers can do amazing things when they focus on what matters.

Doesn’t mean there aren’t solutions for many of the areas of disability. There are and this website, along with the support of members, will show you the way.

I believe the core treatment agenda is to build your self esteem. That is why we try to inject so much humor into this site. People need to laugh more and realize, hey, [ I ] can get through this. There is a reason why ADHD is often so intertwined with depression and anxiety.