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……… So here I go people I just got my prescription and will be getting my meds tomorrow. I was prescribed adderall and I am a bit scared and somewhat skeptical.

I am happy to get medication first of all.

Here is the BIG BUT.

Adderall is not recommended for people with past drug and alcohol abuse history. I have been drug and alcohol free for 6+ years and the last thing I want to do is put something which can be habit forming into my body. I abused alcohol and other things for a few years almost daily. I don’t want to feel high or anything like that. I was once put on sleeping medication and found myself liking the feeling of elation before I slept amazing and started to take more than prescribed.

I had not seen my doctor for over a week, he simply called me and told me he’d be calling the prescription in to my pharmacy. I am starting to think the Doc forgot about my concerns.

I do respect all doctors but I can honestly say I know my body so I worry about any stimulant. I actually forgot that when first diagnosed I was put on ridallin for 2.5 weeks, it was so many month ago I had forgotten. I became very hyper focused and easily moody and could not sleep for days, high as a kite for hours, and found myself starting with one pill and then working my way up to 4, when I was only to take one. I got off it because I knew I was abusing. This is all information I told my doctor. I also don’t suffer from the hyper activity.

One last thing… it took 5 weeks of rehab and 12 step meetings to get clean ….. hence my worry.

So yeah I may just be worried but if I feel like I did with my last stimulant, I won’t be a happy camper, especially since it will make me sick and it cost a lot of money.