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@Moka – Besides the poor balance any other physical issues? Tastes, smells, fabrics you can’t stand touching for example? How about eye contact? Does it make you feel connected to the person you are talking to or nervous?

Read up on Wellbutrin as well as the Straterra for “off label” use and what symptoms they are used for. See which is a better match for what you are looking to address. I’d also take a look at the site http://www.caddra.ca and read through the Adult ADHD section, and the guideline section as well.


ADHD can look like other things. Doctors haven’t really learned how to diagnose adults and are still learning when it comes to kids. The Autism Spectrum is very broad and the guidelines can be confusing, is can also look a lot like ADHD in some cases. To make matters even more confusing is that both may be present or it could be OCD, or a bi-polar issue that looks like one of the other two.

An ADHD or AS diagnoses happens when all other possible reasons are removed, the check boxes are added up and the results compared to standard meet the right ratio. Not what I’d call an exact science. What I did find interesting was that there were different types of tests that help identify your tendencies ‘out in the real world’. The driving related screening questions were quite telling. :)

When it fits you’ll know.

Good luck!