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I am an adult of 45 years old and just got diagnosed a few months ago. I was put on Strattera 100 mg. because of drug testing at work. It worked OK and allowed me to focus a little but never got what you would call clear or calm. Went to the doctor to ask for a change of meds as my company oked the drugs that might show up on a drug test. I thought my doctor would put me on something like Aderall xr but put me on Wellbutrin XL but got Bupropion HCL XL 150mgs as a generic. I was told to also keep up with the Strattera 100 mg at night. The combo, in a week has gotten me to not rage and control my anger. I was bad. Now I wonder if this is a normal grouping. My doctor likes to tell you what to do but not explain it a lot. I am looking for another doctor but my two daughters are kind of stuck with her right now. She seams to be on with the meds for the kids so I am just looking for ideas or people who have tried this combo.