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I was “KIND of “diagnosed…I never had those test with my doctor at that time (1995) because she was ADD herself…and then I moved from that city….and lost contact…but she was really convinced that I had Add…and she gave some medications,…(that did’nt work) and change for Ritalin…which seem to work at that time…but few weeks later I found out that I was pregnant so I stopped the med…

Also, since I have a mother who was abusing medicine (I think she was self-treating her ADD who was diagnosed later) I have trouble using medicine..because I’M really afraid to be dependent or getting out of my mind on those stuff…

I had miserable times since my childhood till now and I know I have to take those med…but…..My family doctor is prescribing that Ritalin but it’s giving me headaches..and since he treated me those last few years (becase I was really in a bad conditions- anxiety, depression…) he is not a specialist for ADD…and I feel the judment (lazy, not enough effort…)

What can I do about that? Where can I find a specialist in my area? I’m from Montreal region..