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Re: Methylphenidate troubles.

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I know how you feel about pictures of your “mess” MonkeyBarb, It’s humiliating. If you could do better you WOULD, you’d gladly do better huh?. I live in a small apartment complex with disabled and/or retired, low income folks. We use to have many (up to 5) inspections each year. It was harassment. Investors, property management, owners, and an apartment manager that had severe control issues, hated seniors, very abusive with most of us. She got fired after we got a lawyer from the Sentinal Project (good, human rights lawyers) here in ca. The inspections have toned way down. Our new apt. mgr.’s are much better. There is an inspection coming up at the end of the month. I’m a nervous wreck trying to find decent help getting my place organized, it is safe and sanitary, just cluttered. I can’t really afford it, but my credit is good, so I can get an ADD coach to help me get organized. That may be my only option. I’m not getting help with medication as soon as I need to. Just yet another support group. I’m posting on another thread about the medication dilemma/frustration. It feels like failure to get a coach… sorta embarrassing… pride sux.

Have you considered getting an ADD coach? is it an option for you? I’ve made some calls, but keep finding dead ends. I’m real close to having my cards payed off and it feels great to have em all down to zero at least once every few years or so. It sucks having to spend money for help with what most normal people have no problem doing.

I’m gonna print out some of the practical, non medication advice about getting organized from these pages. Somehow, having it on paper helps more. As long as I keep it handy, not lost. yeah right, huh? I gotta try… Not giving up is so dang hard sometimes.

PS, I don’t know why, but I always get a kick out of your name and picture, it just cracks me up. (in a good way) Maybe because some of us seem to have brains like a monkey (hopping all over the place, into everything, never slowing down)… does that make sense? hehe. The look on the dogs face is priceless too. He looks like he knows my pain…

Got banana’s?

Gone banana’s? hehe, I’m getting there. Already there, actually… I don’t like it there!