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I don’t know Dexedrine at all. For you It might work like Ritalin or it might just be another

stimulant. If it doesn’t do the job and last longer then there’s not much point experimenting.

Since Ritalin works for you it’s safest to stick with it. Switching to a drug that doesn’t work

as well could throw off your schedule and you end up missing more doses, throwing off your

schedule even more. Before you realize what happened you’re missing doctor’s appointments

and letting them go because you always have a surplus of unused pills at the end of every month

that keeps growing like magic because you can never remember how often you forgot and the static

is getting louder and (mmmm, that coffee’s good) and you’ve gotta reschedule that appointment but first

you simply must finish the bacon and now the news is on and whoa!-I’m-late-start-the-car-don’t-runoverthecat!…

Yeah. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, lost it, did it all over again….

After 20 years my doctor’s receptionists are used to losing contact and having me reappear out of the blue. ;]


I started getting a generic form of Ritalin SR (APO-METHYLPHENIDATE SR) recently because

it is much less expensive then the brand name version and it lasts all day. There was a patent

on the sustained release part which expired and one of the generics manufacturers was ready.

Ask your pharmacist if the APO generic brands are available to you yet and to watch for them

because any similar patents down there are probably expiring or are about to expire quite soon.

With that patent out of the way your SR version will be as affordable as the little 10mg version.

I had my pharmacist on watch for a generic form and we switched when it became available.

If it helps your pharmacist find it, the catalog number (or whatever they call it) is APX 02266687.

This number may only work in Canada but it’s worth a look because the full price on this version

is probably lower than the subsidized price on the LAs and it does seem to be a 24-hour pill.

Here, it’s subsidized and I don’t know the price because it’s so low I end up paying zero.

The SRs come on so slow and last so long that you’ll probably increase the dosage to cover all

24 hours and never have the up-and-down ride anymore, just smooth sailing all day and good

sleep at night. Don’t be surprised if you eventually end up doubling or tripling your daily dosage

to get a good fit again because the steadier coverage will be just like taking the other pills on a

perfect 24-hour schedule. You won’t be missing a dose anymore because they become a part

of breakfast, a routine you could do even with the heaviest static on the brain. Without the static

at night you’ll probably find it easier to sleep at night too. I’m up to 6x20mg now and am still

ramping it up to get the perfect fit.


In the meantime your timing problem could be easily solved with your cell phone, if you have one.

Set the scheduler (they all have something similar) to ring at the right times of the day, using a ring

tone or beep that only those schedules use or even vibrate only. Since you’re setting specific times like

0800, 1200, 1600, etc. you’ll have to set several, one for each time, and set them to run every day.