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I do karate, It has incredible benefits for me. both with regards to focus ad emotional control. I find that there are periods I go through where my focus will be so broken and worn that I can not get new Kata’s or preform the old ones.. but I find that after a short break I am normally back to being able to focus. some times the pressure of needing to focus messes up my focus, if that makes sense.

I also spin Poi and Bo as well as double staff as a means of moving meditation.

while not formally I use a steel short sword and a bokken just to practise movement and to get my mind into a more calm and formulated place.

I highly recommend looking into ‘Poi’ – you can do it anywhere and you can learn without an instructor.

I also think that working out in a dojo with good people is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Hope you get back into the swing of things! (no pun intended)