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Re: My first day on meds!

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Hi John and Carrie

I was diagnosed with ADHD 18 years ago, I was a Hyper kid who could not focus, after being diagnosed i was prescribed ritalin which worked great at the time, I was able to finish school with great success but after finishing I decided that i did not need to be on ritalin so i quit using it. After 12 years of being a fustrated, angry, bored individual that would not hold a job for longer that a year, and watching my relationship stary to fall i decided to get help once a again. I started off on 18mg of riatlin and am now on a 36mg dose.

The first time i took the meds again i felt the same way, relaxed, calm, it was the wierdest feeling to feel that way, but after a few days i got use to the feeling of it, and the highs and lows got shorter everyday until it was a constant feeling. But everytime the dose got stronger i would have to go through an adjustment period.

I have now been on 36mg for 1 month and everything is going good. I am learning everyday more and more about myself again, and i am so happy that i have found this site, it has really helped me understand that it can get better.