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I’ve marked this as a favorite because Jeaninet I can so relate. I could have written your post and substituted computers for football, except there is no computer season, its year’round.

One thing I hope you do is make time for yourself. If that means a load of clothes doesn’t get washed or the floor misses a mopping, that’s ok. “Housework even done incorrectly still blesses the family.” And if he comments that the house is missing its manic sparkle, then you say, it’s on my list or perhaps you could help me with that.

I know others here have found help from http://www.flylady.net like me, it shows you how to manage life like a single parent (which during football season for you is completely applicable) and still take care of you.

One last note, your husband is who your husband is. You cannot save him from having regrets later in life over the lack of relationships with his children. But perhaps you can remind him that is what he is earning by not engaging now when they are young. And even a meal together, talking about the day can build a relationship. http://www.behaviordoctor.org said that the 100 free rewards for children on her website can be used just for that.

I’ll be sending you positive thoughts and well wishes.

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