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First let me just say hi to everyone and I am new to this site. For a little background, I was diagnosed with ADHD at 7 and Tourette’s Syndrome at 8. I was medicated till I was 23 and stopped taking the meds. I was on Ritalin for the ADHD and then on Clonadine for the Tourette’s Syndrome. For Tourette’s I do facial, verbal and motor “ticks” and my ticks are increased as a result to taking Ritalin. I have never really seen myself as an outcast kinda thing or really admitted to having it limit me. I have Tourettes and ADHD but they don’t have me. It’s been really hard living my life with both. But I have been able to get by and make the best of my days.

Now on to the topic at hand. Jeaninet, I know what you are going through. I was in a relationship with a woman that I was absolutely in love with and all the time she would ask me to help out around the house. It’s not that I didn’t want to, but I know that I didn’t lots cause I would be doing something and be so focused on it that everything else would literally just disappear. So a lot of the time we would fight over me not helping out around the house. I don’t know about your situation but for me, I found that doing the chores with her I would do it no problems. But she was so tired and mentally exhausted from her day in her profession and I totally understand it too. I know that it’s hard that once my mind is focused on something I seem to just leave everything else behind. I would find myself focusing so hard on doing these things ie; house chores, that when it’s time to stop or everything is done I am still going and doing way more then needs to be done. I mean, I don’t know how to say that bt ever do something so much and it’s all done but you still feel like it’s not even close to being done? That is how I feel.

I myself never knew until last night when I saw the documentary “ADD & Loving It” and realized a lot of things in my life that have happened ie; lost jobs, tanked relationships, focusing on something that I shouldn’t be so focused on like this note right now. Now that I know what to look for and why these things have happened. I can now try to make a difference on myself in the future. I just hope that this same woman will give me another chance. The hardest thing is that I couldn’t even come up with any reason why I was so focused on doing something when I should have been more of a Husband. Try sitting down with him and talking about whats going on. Say to him that you love him, and maybe try to come up with something to say hey hun, what say we do this?

I wish you the best of luck and I hope yo are strong enough to keep pushing through. There are not a lot of people in this world who can keep up or handle ADD/ADHD. I do know how you feel, for I was on his side of the coin and saw the worst that could happen. I hope it does not happen for you.