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Hello Alex

I must admire your observation skills – VERY impressive.

I have no idea what your psych analysis was meant to show. I presume they are doing some general evaluations before the ADHD ones. ADHD can mimic other stuff so perhaps they are discounting the other stuff first.

Just to give you an idea of what an ADHD evaluation might be like (but mine was done in the UK) – my evaluation was along similar lines to the quiz on this site. My psych used 3 or 4 different versions of the quiz and also asked a family member to fill in the forms and a current friend and me. The forms covered my childhood and current behaviour patterns. She also wanted school reports but I’d dumped them because they were all poor.Then I had an interview which lasted a couple of hours (it would have been longer had I not been late!).

There are variations around that scenario and I think younger people (I am ancient) might be given other tests to do too – I saw a YouTube video where someone being assessed for ADHD had to draw stuff.

You must have reasons for thinking you are ADHD so I suggest you write them down. Also, do the online test here and present the results to the doctors at your next appointment. That might help you focus their attention.

I know what you mean about not expressing yourself to the doctors. I was an incoherent drivling idiot in my evaluation and barely said anything other than “dunno” or “can’t remember”. She doesn’t have the right view of me at all as a result and thinks I am quiet. Haha.

Anyway, sounds to me like you need to get them to focus on your concerns. It also sounds like you’re doing well to get their attention. But don’t let them palm you off with the easy option of saying you’re depressed. You might be, but they need to treat the root cause whether that is ADHD or something else.

Good luck and keep us posted. We’re here for moral support for you.