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Wow, Alex. What you are going through sounds so familiar to me.

See here:


and here:


Yesterday, I had my boss write out a script for me to read when I call the place I’ve been. I asked her to also loan me the ovaries to actually make the phone call. She told me to call her for a pep talk before I call, and then call her to decompress afterwards.

My goal is to get them to count the money I’ve already paid toward a session where I come in and am officially assessed, or else give me my money back so I can use it to pay someone who will.

Good luck with your situation. It is frustrating and exhausting when we feel we have to struggle to be understood, or accomplish something that seems like it should be pretty straightforward or easy.

The way I see it, even if they don’t believe you have it, there wouldn’t be any harm in evaluating you for ADHD. What skin is it going to take off their nose? That they’ll have egg on their face if it turns out you do? In fact, I might ask for an independent evaluation or go somewhere else for a second opinion – this place may just interpret (*edited to put interpret, not “interrupt” ha ha ha!) your answers through the view of what they’ve already concluded about you.

Don’t know what options you have in this respect, but you deserve to be heard.

We both do!