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Thanks, guys! You’re all very supportive and I will definitely give an update.

Tiddler, thank you for the luck and I really hope the doctor can help me too.

Jim, he didn’t tell me, but I did know that. Except I conveniently forgot about that fact so it’s a good thing you reminded me! I’ll bring it up the next time I see him. It really isn’t an easy road from what I see, but having support and people who understand, like you and others in these forums, helps.

And thanks for your comment on my avatar! I just found it on some free image site when I was looking for an avatar for these forums. Maybe I should change it to something I made, but it’s hard to top it. Yours is pretty great as well. 😉

kc5jck, I’ve already started carrying an index card to make such notes! The behaviors, actions, problems, and events bit I didn’t do, but now that I think about it, that does sound helpful.