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Re: Need Ritalin Advice

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Hey shoe….. I’m no Doc so I’m not sure how to respond. I’ll help out best I can with me……I don’t take meds anymore but when I did it was 10mg in the AM……they usually would last the best part of a work day… usually…..sometimes I would take another 10mg at mid afternoon. I’m not sure what your expecting to feel…some people say it has a dramatic affect, others may feel a little speedy??? I didn’t get any real noticeable effects…… maybe a little speedy (energetic) at times but that was about it. If I took more then I would be buzzing about. Golly I don’t know what else to tell you. Strange you don’t get any response at all at 40mg… or maybe it’s not??? Like I said I’m not a Doc.

Maybe Doc J will respond???? Sorry Shoe…..that’s all I got.