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I only tell those who I know I trust…

I have told certain people who have told me: Oh that totally make sense!!! Those are the poeple who have to send me emails to remind me I have an exam, then I still show up to a statistics exam without a calculator!! They know me!! And love me just the way I am!

Some people, although educated, are full of prejudice, and I have tried to make them realise what they were saying by asking them what do they base their comment on… but I can do that because I am very confident in the knowledge I do have, I can argue any point they bring up because that is what I study! Besides… these people have jugde me in the past… whether they juge me for taking ADHD meds or antidepressants or anything else… says way more about them than it does about me!!!

One person I wish could have reacted differently is my mom… but again… I know her by now and know what to expect from her. She doesn’t hear what she can’t handle! And we never spoke about it again… but she will start the coffee maker without putting coffe in it!! To make my dad understand that ADHD is not only valid in people who flunk out of 1st grade… I sent him a scientific study on adults who have high IQs and still have ADHD by Dr. T. Brown… He says it’s must be a great thing for me… I seriously believe he gets it… looking back on my childhood, I think he sees it too…

People who love you, know you! If they don’t see it because they don’t know what it is, then maybe you are opening a door where you have to educate them about it a little… but what will it change for them to know it? Will they love you more or less? Don’t they already accept you for who you are, flaws and all? Do you need them to understand what you are going through and live with because you need their support, if so then choose wisely who you tell because you may want to test the waters first… see what their opinion is on the subject before you decide what to do… Some people have prejudice but is that the kind of people you want around you? This is the reality you have been dealing with and will continue to deal with all your life… maybe your kids will have it, maybe their kids will have it…

Imagine that: your friends child is clearly displaying the symptoms and is suffuring at school but she wont get help because she has prejudices… will you speak up then? It’s nice to know that when you are authentic to your true self, you attract the same kinds of people who share the same values because you speak your mind and that let those around you know who you are!

I have to confess… I am debating whether or not to tell my boss so I am not all clear on the subject either! There are some laws that protect me and some accomations even that I can get… but I’m still unsure… So I have nothing to juge! Plus… I way older than you!! LOL!!!! Good luck!!!