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Re: Needing some insight into the world of childhood ADHD….

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Hi gracious!

Don’t know if this helps, but I also am not good with falling asleep and never was.

My parents used to let me fall asleep in front of the TV with the whole family walking around doing their own thing etc etc ..lots of action and I always found this relaxing.

It stresses me out to be put in a dark, silent room and just lay there. I always have to go to bed reading (falling asleep in the book) or in front of the TV, usually sitting up and nodding off in the middle of a sentence.

I’ve also been an early riser..as a child and even today. One evening I fell asleep on the couch too early, 8:30 pm and woke up at 3:30 in the morning, very refreshed, full of beans and ready to go! I went downstairs and painted the bathroom…had it done by 7:30 and when my husband woke up…Ta Da!

As a kid was up starting around 4 am and the only rule I had from my mother was that I had to stay in my room, not wake anyone up and be quiet. I learned to occupy myself and not bug anyone else. I’m still like that today..have a hard time staying asleep sometimes past 4 am but never have slept in past 7:30 am ever..(even when I’ve gone to bed at 3:30 am)…I get most of my paperwork done before 8 am!

For the anxiety, I find that I HAVE to run myself like a dog physically in order to relax. Really …really be physical. I always thought the anxiety was because my body just wants to move all the time. I am much calmer when physically very active during the day.

My mother, in coping with Four kids with ADD/HD had one rule…all kids Outside! (we lived in the country and could run through the fields all day)

Some nights I’m just not tired and don’t really sleep. The main thing is that my mother drilled the ‘don’t wake anyone else up’ thing into my head’ from day one when I was up in the middle of the night. Still was able to do my own thing but not get murdered by my sibs or parents!

This rule has kept me from aggrivating my poor sleeping husband into divorcing me!

I hope this helps you a bit maybe seeing it from the adult version of the weird sleeping patterns. : )