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Re: Needing some insight into the world of childhood ADHD….

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hi everyone! been gone a while. lots of busy busy stuff to do. *sigh*

hello gracious, i have not yet gone through all the responses, but i just wanted to mention that you’ve described me as a kid (heck even as an adult).

the HUGE thing that really helped was schedules. maintaining a very consistent schedule will assist him in knowing that certain things need to happen at certain times. an egg timer helps. set the timer for 5 minutes and say “when this timer goes off, it’s time for bath.”… or whatever task is coming up next. set a consistent routine for bed time. bath, teeth, hair, read a book, and time for sleep.

along with that, you can set up a system like we have with our kids, “toy jail” (high up in our hall closet). they have 3 chances to straighten behavior and then it’s movies, books, toys… whatever they LOVE and keeps them up, is put into toy jail for an allotted amount of time. if they ask for the item we revisit the reason it is in there. if they ask us about it again, we tack on a day. when we take the item out, we revisit why it was in there and we always discuss a better way to handle the situation that got them there in the first place. this works for any age. it even works for my oldest girl who has down syndrome. woohoo! hahahaha and yes, i have stuffed the entire closet with all of their toys and movies and they were miserable for a the 3 days that mommy did that. but they have yet to repeat that behavior again!

there is always incentives as well. placing a reward system is AWESOME. it even works for me to this day and i’m 32.

my girl gets ice cream friday if she gets smiley faces all week at school in her planner. she can also opt to do a “friday night sleep in mommy and daddy’s bed”, in lieu of the ice cream.

so that’s all i have for the brief moment i’m on here. schedules, bedtime routine, rewards and consequences. it’s a small start. and you HAVE to be consistent with all of them. good luck!

oh! and don’t beat yourself up over anything. none of us were born with manuals. so our folks, like us, have to learn as we go. fun, huh?!