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Re: Neurofeedback

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Neuro-Feedback Follow-up shows positive results:


It’s better if you read it than for me to post it here because it throws in a bunch of excess spaces.

Yippee for Neuro-feedback.

Here’s the PROBLEM, however, with both the initial study and the follow-up.

What folks like PlayAttention and other providers of Neuro (or ‘Edu’) feedback training don’t tell you (cuz it would be inconvenient from a marketing standpoint) is that training for an hour a week for 40 to 60 sessions is a LOUSY way to attempt to make permanent brain change for attention control mastery.

Everybody who is interested in brain science from a training aspect knows that cognitive skill is a USE IT OR LOSE IT proposition.

Anybody who wants permanent and significant improvement in cognitive skill (such as Attention Control) MUST adopt brain training as a LIFESTYLE and not as a temporary project.

I can’t believe these people don’t have the guts to just state the truth on the matter.

T. Lavon Lawrence