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Re: Neurofeedback

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Patte Rosebank
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Sounds like their “inconvenient truth” is the same as the “inconvenient truth” in the diet & fitness industries. Namely, that unless you keep following the program every day for the rest of your life, any weight you lose will come back, and any muscle & fitness you gain will go away.

But if they told people that, nobody would buy what they’re selling. So, instead, they promote the amazing results that a very small percentage of actual customers have achieved—or they give you a “representation” of results, using models who never had to actually use the products or join the gym they’re advertising, to get their gorgeous bodies. And they tell you that you’ll get results amazingly quickly, because the promise of instant gratification is one of the most powerful selling tools around.

If they told people the truth, the diet and fitness industries wouldn’t be worth billions of dollars a year. And the “brain training” industry wouldn’t be worth getting into either.